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At Aquatek Plumbing & Gas, we provide a comprehensive range of plumbing and gas fitting services across the greater Adelaide metropolitan area including Daw Park. We are a proudly owned South Australian business with more than 15 years’ experience behind us and our qualified plumbers and gas fitters are all highly skilled and we pride ourselves on providing honest, reliable and affordable service.

We are always quick to respond, whether it is a major emergency or minor repairs, and our team of professional and qualified Daw Park plumbers are equipped to tackle both the biggest and smallest jobs.

As part of our first-rate customer service, we make sure that we offer competitive prices and workmanship of the highest quality. You can count on Aquatek Plumbing & Gas. We are always here to help, and as part of the service we provide across Daw Park, we are proud to offer:

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Free quotes
  • No call-out fees
  • Discounts for pensioners and seniors
  • Up-front pricing, whenever possible


Nothing can be more annoying as a tap which does not stop leaking. No matter if your taps need repairing or you would like to upgrade your tapware, we are equipped to deal with any type of problems that you might encounter with the taps in your home and garden, including:

  • Dripping taps
  • Leaking taps
  • Taps that do not open fully
  • Taps that do not completely shut off
  • Taps that have become difficult to turn
  • Noisy taps
  • Water hammer (which can potentially lead to pipe damage)


Leaking pipes can cause damage to your home when they burst and water starts flooding. At Aquatek Plumbing & Gas, we are specialized in the detection and repair of leaking and burst water pipes both inside and outside your home.

Leaking underground pipes are very often caused by tree roots that invade the pipework and which, as they expand, cause cracks and leaks to appear. If you notice that water is unexpectedly pooling in your garden or other outdoor areas, this is a good indication that you likely have cracked and leaking pipes.

For interior pipework, there are likewise signs that you can look out for and which will indicate that you have leaking pipes:

  • Ceilings, walls and floors become discoloured or damp
  • A strong musty or damp smell around drains and appliances
  • A significant drop in water pressure
  • High water bills


Our team of licensed and experienced Aquatek plumbers are able to deal with all types of repairs and servicing to toilets, cisterns and toilet suites, including:

  • Blocked toilet
  • Toilet will not flush
  • Toilet bowl filling with water
  • Overflowing toilet bowl
  • Leaking cistern or bowl
  • Cistern slow to refill
  • Cracked or damaged cistern or bowl
  • Clogged or blocked drains



    Hot Water Adelaide

    Adelaide 24/7 Emergency Bathroom Plumbers


    The inconvenience and interruption to your daily schedule and lifestyle as a result of a hot water system failure cannot be overstated. At Aquatek Plumbing & Gas, we are here to help solve your hot water system problems at any time of the day or night. No matter where you are in Adelaide, or when you need assistance, your friendly Aquatek plumber will be there to make sure that your hot water is back up and running in no time.

    Our team is well experienced in the installation, servicing, maintenance and repair of all types of hot water systems, including gas, electric, solar and heat pump water heaters and we are always happy to provide you with a free quote if you like to upgrade to a new hot water system.

    We are equipped to deal with any problem that you may encounter with your hot water, including:

    • Water not heating up (cold or lukewarm water)
    • Pilot light extinguished
    • Unable to ignite pilot light
    • Low water pressure
    • Broken or faulty thermostat or element
    • No power to hot water system
    • Burst or leaking hot water tank
    • Excessive water usage
    • Dirty or discoloured water


    Drains can become blocked over time for different reasons, you may have some tree roots growing in your drain, your drains have cracks or sanitary product are blocking the water flow in your drains. Don’t panic, it is common that drains get blocked over time and most drains can be unblocked with an electric drain machine to ensure that the water is going smoothly after the cleaning.

    Signs of blocked or backed up drains and pipes could be:

    • Strong smells coming from your drains
    • Gurgling noises coming from sinks and basins
    • Your shower, bathroom or kitchen sink is slow to drain
    • Water comes back up out of the drain in your shower, toilet or gulley


    Emergency Service

    Call us any time of the day or night when you have a plumbing emergency in Daw Park.

    Free Quotes

    We are always happy to provide you with a free quote for our services.

    Experienced and Qualified

    We have over 15 years’ plumbing and gas fitting experience in Adelaide.


    No Call Out Fees

    We will only charge you for the work we do, not for just turning up.


    Pensioner Discount

    If you are a pensioner, we are happy to provide a discount on our services.

    Affordable Pricing

    Whenever possible, we will set a price before we begin work.



    Aquatek Plumbing and Gas is your local Daw Park plumbing service and we are here to help you with a range of services.

    24/7 Emergency Service

    We can deal with all types of plumbing and gas emergency at any time of the day or night.

    Hot Water

    Installation and servicing for electric, heat pump, gas and solar hot water  systems.

    Bathroom Plumbing

    Hot water, clearing blocked drains, broken and leaking taps, vanity/basin installations.

    Kitchen Plumbing

    Hot water, leaking taps, filter tap installations, dishwasher and fridge installation.

    Natural and LPG Gas

    Specialists in installing, commissioning and repairing natural gas and LPG appliances.

    Blocked Drains

    Clearing blocked drains in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, as well as main drains.


    • 24/7 Emergency Service
    • Hot Water Service Repairs
    • Hot Water Replacement
    • Natural and LPG Gas
    • Bathroom and Kitchen Plumbing
    • Tap Repairs and Replacement
    • Toilets
    • Unblock Drains
    • Hydro Jet Cleaning
    • CCTV Camera Inspections
    • Water and Gas Leaks
    • Repair Burst Pipes


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