Blocked drains adelaide

A blocked drain is a nightmare for every home or business owner, blocked drains that are overflowing can cause severe damage to your property and are considered as an emergency that needs immediate attention.  We are experts in blocked drains and using the newest technology.

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Blocked drains adelaide

If you experience a blocked drain emergency, act fast and call our drain cleaning professionals on 8123 3535. We are experts in blocked drains and using the newest technology including hydro-jet, drain camera inspection and snake drain machine.

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We provide a comprehensive range of plumbing and gas fitting services across the greater Adelaide metropolitan area.

why drains become blocked?

Drains can become clogged, backed up or blocked for a number of reasons. Underground pipes and drains outside your home are very often impacted by tree roots that crack or collapse the pipework, creating leaks and preventing the smooth flow of water and waste. Underground pipework can also be damaged and create blockages when the earth around it erodes so that the pipe sags, which in turn creates a pool through which water has difficulty in passing.

Internal pipes and drains, in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry for instance, tend to become blocked as result of the material that they carry. That can be for example grease, fat and oil in the case of kitchen drains. Hair, soap scum and toothpaste from the shower or bathroom sink, material and soap sediment from clothes in the laundry, or wet wipes and sanitary napkins in the toilet.

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signs for a blocked drain

You may have blocked or backed up drains and pipes if you experience:

Likewise, pooled water in your garden, or paving bricks that have cracked or appear to have moved, may indicate blocked or cracked external underground pipework.

We are happy to help you

At Aquatek Plumbing & Gas, we specialise in dealing with blocked drains in Adelaide and employ a variety of technologies both to detect the cause of drain blockages and to clear them.

For instance, we use a CCTV drain camera— essentially a camera that is lowered into and then passed through a drain — to detect blockages and what has caused them. We may also employ UHP hydro jet technology (high-pressure water hoses) to clear blocked drains if appropriate and necessary.

We are equipped to deal with all types of blocked drains, both major and minor, and can undertake to clear pipes and drains or, if necessary, to replace those that are damaged beyond repair.

Whether it is internal pipework in the kitchen or bathroom, or more substantial external underground pipes, we can tackle blockages of all types and get your water backflowing smoothly once more.

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blocked drain emergency?

At Aquatek Plumbing & Gas, we provide a 24/7
emergency blocked drains plumbing service and are on hand to help you deal with a crisis situation immediately.

Our experienced and qualified Adelaide plumbers are available to tackle the problems caused by blocked drains in all suburbs and districts.

Your local 24/7 Emergency Plumber & Gas Service!

At Aquatek Plumbing & Gas, we provide a comprehensive range of plumbing and gas fitting services across the greater Adelaide metropolitan area.

With more than 15 years’ experience behind us, our qualified plumbers and gas fitters are all highly skilled and we pride ourselves on providing honest, reliable and affordable service. We are always quick to respond, whether it is a major emergency or minor repairs, and our team of professional and qualified Adelaide plumbers are equipped to tackle both the biggest and smallest jobs. As part of our first-rate customer service, we make sure that we offer competitive prices and workmanship of the highest quality. You can count on Aquatek Plumbing and Gas.

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