What should not go down your sink and drain

It’s easy to forget that not everything should be flushed down the drain. Taking care not to let certain things go down the drain will prevent blockages and ensure your pipes run smoothly for their lifetime.

Things You Should Not Put Down Your Drain:

Most of us have all been there draining the sink at some point and the water swirling around stops draining and starts to build up. With our busy lives it’s extremely easy to forget that not everything should go down the sink when you’re cleaning up or doing the dishes. Down the drain and out of sight can quickly turn into a big problem that will need the attention of a professional plumber.

Drains in our homes will get blocked up from time to time, this is mainly due to our usage and what we flush down the drains. To maintain your drain system in the best possible condition, you must take precautions with what you are flushing down the pipes. As drain cleaning experts who clear blocked drains regularly in Adelaide, we know what stuff will potentially block up your pipes and should not go down your drain.

Things you should not put down your drain:

  • Always put food scrap, coffee grounds and fat in your garbage bin and not down your kitchen drain

  • Pour liquid grease into a container and after it cools down put it in the trash

  • Minimise putting hair and soap scum down your bathroom drain. Brush your hair before you use the shower and put your hair in the bin.

  • Use a mesh screen or drain hair catcher that collects hair and scum and prevents the material getting in your drain.

  • If you bath your dog, place a washcloth over the drain to prevent getting animal hair into your drain. The amount of hair a dog sheds during a bath can easily block up your drain, so make sure to take this precaution

  • Be careful what you flush down your toilet. Toilets are designed to handle human waste and toilet paper only. Flushing stringy or bulky material can cause blockages. Material that should be never flushed down toilets are Baby wipes, cosmetic wipes, dental floss, feminine hygiene products or other household waste. These products belong in the waste bin instead.

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